Planning Ahead for Drive Failure

In Storage Spaces, you can set up your Space with a resiliency. This means, when a drive fails, you do not lose your data, not even a portion of it. However, even if you are already running a Storage Space, did you ever put this to a test? And if so, did you do that test before you actually dumped all your data into that Space? Today, we’re going to cover some points you might want to consider before experiencing your first drive failure in production environment.

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Storage Spaces and Slow Parity Performance

Collected from my experience, here is how to deal with slow parity virtual disk performance in Microsoft Storage Spaces. In most cases, recreation will be required, but in some cases, you might get away with not having to dump all your data elsewhere. This article presumes a Storage Spaces array with no SSDs and no cache. The problem being solved here is HDDs in SS parity volumes providing 20 to 40 MB/s writes instead of multiples of disk’s rated write speeds (100 to 300 MB/s).

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