The Great Data Disaster of 2020, Part 2

In Part 1, I’ve explained the reasoning behind selecting Storage Spaces as my choice of disk array management tool. Today, I will explain how this all came crashing down and caused serious data loss. May this be a warning for everyone else, who would decide to blindly trust Microsoft with it’s data.

So You Decided to Build a NAS

A quick article to spook the future-to-be NAS owners and maintainers. I’m writing this mostly so that I can use link to this instead of explaining it again.

NAS Updates after 2 Years /2

I wouldn’t dare to touch production NAS server without it’s data being backed up. This gave me a headache few years back when I built the original NAS. All was great, until I found out I have no place to back the data onto, if I need to do maintenance on the machine. It eventually … Read More

NAS Updates after 2 Years

It is 2021 and my two year-old NAS boxes are undergoing extended maintenance and upgrades. In this article I will also share experience that I have gained after managing these machines for 2 years and trying to provide uninterrupted service to my users.

File System Considerations with Storage Spaces

Some users might be tempted to use exFAT as a file system on a Storage Spaces managed virtual disk. One of the reasons for this might be that exFAT doesn’t bother users with ownership permissions. Admins making that decision should take into consideration that Windows 10 (as of build 19041, version 2004) does not have … Read More

Storage Spaces and Slow Parity Performance

Collected from my experience, here is how to deal with slow parity virtual disk performance in Microsoft Storage Spaces. In most cases, recreation will be required, but in some cases, you might get away with not having to dump all your data elsewhere. This article presumes a Storage Spaces array with no SSDs and no … Read More

The Great Data Disaster of 2020, Part 1

The original decision that has led to events of 2020 and consequently to creation of this website have started all the way back to November 2019. I used to run a motherboard-enabled RAID-1 and RAID-5 combo to hoard all my data. I realized this was not ideal a long while ago, but now I finally got around to do something about it. In part 1 of this saga, I will talk about how I got interested in Storage Spaces and why I ultimately chose to trust it with my data over other competing approaches.